Cellular Fitness™ is Critical, not Optional

What is cellular fitness, and how do you achieve it?

Not all supplements are created equal. 

[cf]: 1 + [cf]: 2 + [cf]: 3 fuel your body on a deep, cellular level and that is an entirely different kind of fit – it’s fit from within.

The What, The Why
and The How

WHAT: We’ve harnessed an ideal fusion of supplements, created by combining the all 78 ionic minerals and trace elements and essential fats your cells require,in the perfect ratio and in 100% bioavailable form so your body can use it immediately.

WHY: So your body achieves optimal functioning and performance.

HOW: By building a balanced, healthy cellular foundation – from the inside out.

Build your foundation.
And beat the odds.

To achieve Cellular Fitness™, all 3 of the products need to be taken on your training days.

Totum Sport

The world’s only sports solution containing all 78 ionic electrolytes. Totum Sport enables complete hydration at the cellular level. It has proven to reduce lactic acid, it aids focus increases strength & stamina and reduces the risk of cramp & injury. Replenish all 78 ionic electrolytes you lose through sweat, train harder for longer and optimise your recovery.

Totum Sport Nite

Insufficient sleep can increase your risk of injury and suppress your immunity. Totum Sport Nite is a 100% natural isotonic solution that aids deeper sleep. The unique concentration of ionic electrolytes is slowly absorbed by your cells to repair your body, whilst you sleep. Lost competition is a high price to pay for poor sleep quality.

Essential Fatty Acids
+ Vitamin E.

100% plant-based, ultra-pure Omega-3,5,6 & 9 plus Vitamins E,D & K, created using a unique bioester technology. This technology enables Omega-3 ALA to be transferred into the amounts of EPA & DHA required. Omega-3 promotes muscle repair through incorporation into the cell membrane, aiding muscle protein synthesis. It supports hydration, immunity, and its anti-inflammatory effect reduces muscle soreness- supporting intense training.