How do you feed cells correctly?

A strong and supported cellular landscape, and one that is foundational to our overall performance, can only occur when we take in the correct proportions of all 78 ionic minerals (electrolytes, once dissolved in the body), alongside ultra-pure EFAs, and sufficient water.

Pure and essential nutrients are supplied to each cell, equipping your cells to perform at their full capacity – renewing, repairing, recovering, and refueling more efficiently.

There are four components essential to Cellular Fitness™: ionic minerals, fats, water and CEF (Charge/ Energy/ Frequency).

Ionic Minerals – the 78 ionic minerals and trace elements – all of which are interdependent on each other – are micronutrients involved in hundreds of biological processes; among many functions, they form vital ionic electrolytes and allow for fluid balance and electrical charge. These essential ionic minerals support the flow of water into the cell to maintain cellular hydration and help to reduce the risk of cramp during exercise and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise.

Fats – essential fatty acids (EFAs) are necessary for proper structure and function of every cell in the body and brain. They increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and EFAs promote nerve functioning, hormone production, and act as an anti-inflammatory – supporting blood flow and oxygen delivery.

Water – hydration is critically important as it regulates body temperature, keeps joints lubricated, prevents infections, delivers nutrients to cells, and allows organs to function properly. Intracellular hydration requires EFAs and the complete mineral profile of all 78 ionic electrolytes, for maximum function and benefit. 

CEF – CEF governs the whole body and is produced at maximum capacity – only when all 78 ionic electrolytes, ultra-pure EFAs, and water are present and plentiful.

Cellnutrition Sport is the first and only company to offer a clear and evidence-based path to Cellular Fitness™ with all 78 pure, balanced, and bioavailable ionic electrolytes coupled with correctly delivered, ultra-pure EFAs.

Because fit cells are more responsive and resilient and in a constant state of readiness, Cellular Fitness™ is the foundation to elevating athletic performance.